Languages Enrich my life——高2021级Speaker's Corner in October

Languages Enrich my life
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--高2021级Speaker's Corner in October

Learning a foreign language is civilized communication. A language, carrying the cultural gene of a nation, is the accumulation of the achievements of a nation's civilization for thousands of years. As Confucius said in 2000, "If people from afar refuse to accept, they will cultivate virtue; if they come, they will settle". This is the power of cultural exchanges. With the rapid development of science and the continuous increase of the breadth of foreign exchanges, the status of foreign languages will not weaken, but will become more and more important.


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To create more fun and more colorful life between people.


Language is regarded as a part of life. Life is based on language.



Though we live in different places and speak different languages, communication brightens our world and also enrich our life.



Learning German helps me know more about Germany, one of the countries that have made significant achievements in the auto industry, including Mercedes Benz, BMW and Porsche.



A fall into a pit,a gain in your wit.


It is said that youth is fire which is ignited by passion and youth is a chapter of the poem which is written by stories. The color of youth is bright and we make the most of our ardor to draw the scenes to the canvas of painting. Learning a language can open a door to a new world and distinctively enriches my life!



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Language nourishes human beings and gives us strong spiritual power. The inheritance and development of human civilization can not be separated from language.



In our daily life, proper language can better our relationship. It's a kind of art, and it's worth exploring.



The charm of language makes people's hearts closely linked and constantly promotes world peace and development.



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To be specific, as an integral communication tool, people who master a foreign language especially English proficiently will gain greater advantages over their peers in career prospects.



“What’s more, do you know Yu Minghong, founder of the New Oriental? He learned English by himself and successfully turn the table. Jack Ma, a distinguished businessman, admitted that English has played a vital role in his life. Through language, they create what others cannot. With the help of language, they prove their value and have the opportunity to explore and experience their splendid life.



Without languages I wouldn’t have chance to appreciate my favorite movies and TV series. Without languages, I couldn’t communicate with others deeply, which would cause a lot of conflicts.



With a good command of English, one’s daily life will be enriched immensely such as watching original edition of films as well as communicating with foreigners while travelling.